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Prakriti Malla Handwriting : The World’s Most Beautiful Handwriting

Prakriti Malla is a young woman from Nepal who has gained worldwide recognition for her beautiful handwriting. In this post, we will explore Prakriti Malla’s story, her incredible handwriting skills, and the impact she has had on the world of calligraphy.

Who is Prakriti Malla?

Prakriti Malla is a young woman from Nepal who gained worldwide recognition in 2019 for her exceptional handwriting skills. She was only 16 years old when she won the “Most Beautiful Handwriting” award at the World Handwriting Contest, beating out over 4,000 contestants from around the world.

Prakriti Malla’s Handwriting Skills

Prakriti Malla’s handwriting is known for its incredible beauty, symmetry, and consistency. Her writing is precise, with each letter formed perfectly, and her spacing is always uniform. Her handwriting is often compared to calligraphy because of its artistic flair.

Here are some key elements of Prakriti Malla’s handwriting:

Consistent letter size and spacing
Uniform slant and spacing between words
Clear and legible writing
Perfectly formed letters with an artistic touch

The Impact of Prakriti Malla’s Handwriting

Prakriti Malla’s beautiful handwriting has inspired people all over the world to appreciate the art of handwriting. She has shown that beautiful handwriting is still relevant in a digital age and can bring joy to people’s lives.

Prakriti’s handwriting has also made a significant impact on the calligraphy community, with many people looking to her as an inspiration and role model. Her handwriting has sparked renewed interest in the art of calligraphy and has encouraged people to take up the practice.

Prakriti Malla’s Advice on Improving Handwriting

Prakriti Malla believes that anyone can improve their handwriting with practice and patience. She recommends the following tips for improving your handwriting:

1. Practice regularly: The more you practice, the better your handwriting will become. Set aside a few minutes every day to practice writing.

2. Slow down: Take your time when writing and focus on forming each letter correctly. Speed will come with practice.

3. Use the right tools: Use pens or pencils that feel comfortable in your hand and are easy to write with.

4. Study good handwriting: Look at examples of good handwriting and try to emulate them. You can also study calligraphy to improve your handwriting skills.


Prakriti Malla’s beautiful handwriting has inspired people all over the world to appreciate the art of handwriting. Her precision, consistency, and artistic flair have made her a role model for calligraphers and handwriting enthusiasts. By following her advice and practicing regularly, anyone can improve their handwriting skills. Prakriti Malla’s legacy will continue to inspire generations to come, and her beautiful handwriting will remain a symbol of the beauty and importance of the written word.