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How To Create Signature Online

Why Create a Signature Online?

An online signature can be used to sign digital documents, emails, and other online communication. It saves time, effort, and resources compared to printing out documents, signing them, and scanning them back in. Additionally, an online signature is a convenient way to establish your professional branding and add a personal touch to your online communication.

Choose an Online Signature Maker

There are many online signature makers available on the internet. Some popular ones include DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and HelloSign. These services allow you to create and save your signature digitally, so you can easily add it to documents and emails.

Create a Signature

Once you’ve chosen an online signature maker, it’s time to create your signature. The process may vary depending on the service you’re using, but generally, you’ll be asked to draw or upload an image of your signature. Use a stylus or a touch screen to draw your signature if possible, as it will be more accurate and look more natural.

Customize Your Signature

Most online signature makers allow you to customize your signature with different fonts, sizes, and colors. You can also add a logo or an image to your signature to make it more personal and visually appealing.

Save Your Signature

Once you’ve created and customized your signature, save it in a digital format. Most online signature makers allow you to save your signature as an image file or a PDF. Make sure to choose a high-quality resolution and save it in a location that’s easy to access.

Add Your Signature to Digital Documents

Now that you have your signature saved, it’s time to start using it. Most online signature makers allow you to add your signature to digital documents and emails easily. Simply upload the document or email and place your signature in the appropriate location.


Creating a signature online is a convenient and efficient way to sign digital documents and communicate online. By following these steps, you can create a signature that’s professional, personal, and adds value to your online communication.

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